Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ears and Tails.

I hope you are well?
We are all well here at MarmaladeRose. Child #2 finally left for the school exchange trip to Slovenia at the weekend. You remember, the one that was cancelled back in February because of all the snow. Well the only way they could rearrange the visit was to travel all the way on coach. 27 hours on a coach with 32 children, not my idea of fun! We've had a couple of text messages so far and all is well. Lots of skiing and walking is planned so lets hope there is snow in Slovenia. I'm missing #2. She's always cheerful and chatty, giggling at the least little thing; she's very easy going and extremely good company. She's also just started to take an interest in mum's crafty bits. #2 has decided she might like to design trainers when she's older, so I was in there like a shot, encouraging her to start decorating an old pair of trainers with sequins and fabric.

And I'd like to think, I might actually have her hooked!

I've really enjoyed having her sitting in the attic with me, gluing and sticking while I've been sewing.

Talking of sewing... would you like to see what I've been doing?

Thought you might! tee hee! I love having a look at other peoples craft projects too. I would like some feed back on these please if you have the time.

I've been trying to design a new bunny. Something a little simpler than the button jointed ones. I'm obviously unable to make anything simple, I like to add a bit more or just alter a bit to make it look more realistic - making the job three times longer! But hey ho, that's just me.

Here are my prototype bunnies. Yes about 5 of them. I think I've decided on the shape now. What do you think?

Which shape you like best?

I like the shape of these two best. Sorry they are laid down. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Which ears do you like?

You see I can't be happy with the first simple shaded ears, oh no, I have to then have a go at bonded and stitched fabric ones! I told you I can never make anything simple! Which do you like?

The base is hand embroidered by yours truly to give the impression of the bunny standing in a meadow or a patch of flowers.

The usual little love heart on the bobtail.

This is the embroidery on the natural coloured linen. I really enjoy hand embroidery. Do you like the natural colour?

In case you were wondering,I haven't stopped making the button jointed bunnies. I've made another 9!

Some of these are destined for a lovely lady who contacted me and asked if she could sell them through her mail order company! Well as you can imagine I was extremely flattered and very excited. So very shortly half a dozen of these little bunnies will be carefully packaged up and sent off on a new adventure.

Talking of new adventures... I've just volunteered to teach primary school children how to knit at our local village school. I have a meeting with the Head on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed. If any of you have any suggestions for very simple items that can be knitted by children, I'd be happy to hear them!

Right I better go now as #1 will be home any minute baying for food!

Hoping to maybe have a celebration giveaway shortly as I'm nearly at my 100th post. See you all soon.

Love, Fi x


Hen said...

They look great. I actually like the shaded ears, looks very clever and I like the little embroidered arms on the front of the bunny. The bobtail is also great. So pleased you've had success with them, you deserve it as they are lovely. Great to hear your daughter is following in your crafty footsteps.
Hen x

Simone said...

Well done with all the bunny success from your previous bunnies! Out of your new bunnies I like everything about the brown one, the shape, the ears and the embroidery. He is lovely!

Colette said...

I agree with Hen, the shaded ears are lovely. Thank you for a lovely blog.

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for your lovely comment earlier :D

I think I must just be bunny mad as I love all of them - jointed or not, shaded or appliqued ears! Well done for getting someone selling them for you, you deserve it so much as your things are great.

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I love all the bunnies too, I think it's a good idea to have a variety. They all look gorgeous!!!
Really pleased about your success with the other bunnies!! You really deserve it, as they are so original & pretty!
Love your daughter's craftiness too!!
Have fun, Bun : )

Sharon xx

Taz said...

I do love your bunnies. I'm of absolutely no help because I think they're all great.

Leisa said...

I just love your bunnies. I think the jointed ones are just beautiful. The new ones are also very sweet. Lovely.

Lynne said...

Love the bunnies. I was first attracted to the lined and stitched ears, but then I saw a close up of the shaded ears and liked them too! So, no help there then.
Great that your daughter is taking an interest in crafting. Mine will be 24 in July and last year she took to sewing in a big way, putting me to shame. She would answer the door busy hand stitching as she did so. I'm really pleased as when she was younger she didn't really show an interest in sewing.
Great to be involved in the local school. I don't often knit so I don't think I can help you there.
I look forward to hearing how your daughter's trip goes.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi Rose - we must be quite near neighbours! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours and love your bunnies. I do textile work too, so we seem to have a lot in common. Shall add you to my blog list. Call again.

Alchamillamolly said...

Having seen these little beauties in the flesh (!?) I am also sold on both versions - though I do love the linen colour. The shaded ears are lovely - I think I prefer them but they look good on the whte ones so why not do two versions. Are you going to offer them on the blog?? Fantastic about the lady selling the bunnues for you. Am making bunting at the moment whilst I am off as well as decorating Kate's bedroom.

BT said...

Oh no, another lovely blog. I came to you from Weaver of Grass, who's blog I follow avidly. I, too, am a crafter though not with your skills!! I love the bunnies, all of them! I like the plain ears best and the idea of the hand embroidery (which I'd make a total mess of). I make rag rugs, Artist Trading Cards, odd shaped papier machee things. Anything I can have a go at really. I'll have to add you now.....

Tillybud said...

It's no good asking me as all I can say is.....oooh I love that one..oh and that one...and all the little stitches and details and everything! I used have someone come into my class to knit with the children and I have to say it was the highlight of our week. good for you.

Ida said...

Wow.. amazing!
What an inspiration :-)