Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lovely Day.

OOO! I've had a lovely day today, so I'd like to share it with you, cos I'm nice like that. The weather was lovely today. Sunny, blue skies, light breezes, okay chilly wind, but a gorgeous day. Wonderful man and I wrapped up warm and headed off along the winding roads, over bridges, through green hills, imagine Postman Pats journey through Greendale.

After a bimble around The Station where there was a craft market on. Actually it was more of a squeeze and shuffle. I wanted to take photos for you all, but it was just too busy. Someones elbow or back was always in the way.
(This post has been rather wordy so far, nowhere near enough pictures, so I'll keep you waiting no longer.)
We walked into the town center and visited.... Woolworths. No, no, no, teehee. Only joking! We visited a shop called York House (Antiques) I'm not quite sure how to describe it to you, but put it this way I can't wait to go back. It was another squeeze and shuffle, not because of people, it was because it was absolutely jam packed with scrummyness. Take a look...

Every little room in this shop was packed to the gunnel's. (what are gunnel's?)

Everything was for sale, including the furniture that the displays stood on.

This room had some Christmas goodies.

A corner crammed with cushions.
Another wall wedged with cushions.

Pale pretty things.

My favourite room I think.

Vintage kitchen room.

Do you see the green shelf unit in the center of the picture? Well it's in my downstairs loo now!

This is the alley way outside, it goes around the corner to the right and then straight on till morning!
Going back next week! Teehee! Can't wait!


Kathryn said...

How gorgeous. Bet you spent alot of time in that lovely little shop. Shame I live so far away..Boo..Hoo... New Header looks great.
With Smiles

beck said...

What a treasure trove! So many, many things to look at. Liked the vintage kitchen room...lovely!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Wow.... what a fab shop.... I would do all my christmas shopping in there, and that is exactly the type of shelf I would like for my kitchen only a lot smaller!

Enjoy your next visit and make sure the car is empty as you will defiantely need some boot space!


Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there I love York House - she used to be in the main car park in an old nissen type building years ago - that had all old stuff no new- wonderful. I am off today and was going to have a nice sewing day- but yesterday we found the shower had been leaking ( I said it was months ago but hubby knew best) so the plywood under the cushionfloor was black and wet likewise the were the floorboards. So the whole thing came out - tiles and all - I have spent the morning trailing round looking for a quadrant shower cubicle! I am going to have to eat into my extension money now !! Its getting further away............... Have you been to Barnard Castle yet?

Alchamillamolly said...

Me again - we say full to the ginnels which are little openings between houses like alleys

maggi said...

What a fantastic shop. I could quite happily get lost in there.

Hen said...

Hi there,
Thanks for leaving me a comment and thereby leading me to you lovely blog. Am seriously impressed by all the photos of your crafting. Did you make those crochet bunnies? They're fab! Am looking forward to going back over some of your past posts.
Hen x

Attic24 said...

OH MY GOD I am SOOOSOSOOSOSOSOOooooo going to that shop!!! I absolutely love kitchenalia, love love love, and oooooeee yes that shop looks divine. No wonder you are going back.
We always watch Dales Diary (hubbies fave programme, hes a real Dale-a-holic), will watch with a beady eye for your picture at fatsheep. Love your part of the world, it's been a while since we were there, we are planning a wkend away to stay at the Green Dragon (near hardraw force??), maybe just before xmas. Looking forward to it.

Mrs J said...

Ha ha, lol! Shame I can't provide you with 'virtual' chocolate, though somehow I don't think that would be quite the same! You're right though, you do deserve some choccie too as I see you have been very busy from your previous post (love the hat by the way!). I'll have to see what I can do. A chocolate chip maybe?!
Sarah x

Alchamillamolly said...

Had another look in Yorke House pics - I can feel a mother-in-law visit coming on! We have to go and do the nice shops before we visit her round the corner from the Square. I am in your neck of the woods on Thursday at the Key Centre in Middleham for a meeting on a funding scheme we are launching. Will be glued to the tele Thursday PM - the word is in the Darlington and Stockton Times that they are finishing the programme did you know - its a travesty if they do I love it

lesley said...

Wow Fi' what a fabulous shop. Its an Aladins cave. I can feel a visit and rummage coming on! Hugs xx PS. Looking forward to seeing you thursday next!

Tracy said...

What an amazing little shop, could spend hours in the kitchen section alone, just love old kitchen stuff. I noticed no one has told you what gunnels are :) it's a boat thing, the side or to be more precise the top edge of a boat, the bit you might lean on, so in theory I suppose you couldn't pack past them :) Have loved looking through your site, those cup cakes are terrific!! and your pics made me quiet homesick, I'm a pom now in aus and yes own a tinny (boat) LOL

Anonymous said...

This is my sort of shop, another kind of shop i love are 2nd hand book shops, can spend hours in places like them

Enjoy the 2nd visit when you can go again

Bubble Fish said...

We're agreed in our house - Gunnels are definitely boat related, but not entirely certain what.. Dad started spouting about hulls, and superstructure, and I got very lost. So it's something boaty, but no idea what!
Fantastic shop too.. may have to go on holiday up that way.