Monday, 23 June 2008

Shamrocks and Sunshine

I'm embarrassed to say that last night after I'd posted my blog, it was so cold up here that I asked wonderful man if he would light the stove! Can you believe it, in June! I soon warmed up and removed a couple, of the FOUR LAYERS of clothes I was wearing, I even warmed up enough to manage to force down a bowl of marscaponi ice-cream.
Today has been lovely and sunny. I was sat in my attic studio making shamrocks this evening(I'll explain in a minute) and a shaft of sunlight fell on my little felt pincushion and mug of tea. The little glass headed pins sat there twinkling at me. aaah!This made me smile. Smiling I looked around for any more little gems to photograph for your delectation. My smile melted somewhat as I took in the messy state of my work area! I have a lovely big pine table, and always end up working in a tiny 6inch square space!
Now! To explain the shamrocks. This could take a long time... This weekend here in my little part of the world, there will be the village gala. This will be the first gala for us. Apparently the whole thing is aimed at children and rightly so, although I suspect there maybe a few adults partaking of the huge mud slide that is to be made down the sloping village field!
As part of the tradition, all the local shops, pubs and businesses decorate their windows and the staff dress up! The theme this year is 'planets and countries'. So, to finally get to the point. One of my work colleagues will be dressed as an Irish Leprechaun. (sssh! don't tell anyone! it's a secret!) Your in front of me now! Yes, this has created the need for shamrocks.
They were quite simple and quick to make, that's if you don't count the hour I spent looking for the florists wire! Isn't it amazing? I could remember exactly where it was at the old house, but could I remember where I put it in this new house? NO! Anyhow I found it in the end (inside the only box I didn't think I needed to unpack!)
Can I just ask a question here? What do all you bloggers out there do with all photos you take for your blogs? Do you delete them as soon as you've posted? Or like me do you have file upon file full of sometimes meaningless and quite frankly, bizaar photos? Please help me here, you've already seen the state of my work table so imagine what my computer files are like!
Looking out of the attic window, I thought I'd finish as I started, with a comment on the days weather.


French Knots said...

We had the wood burner on over the weekend as it was flippin' freezing. So much for flaming June!
Yes my workroom/computer files/shed/cupboards are all a mess - I think you are either a tidy person or you're not....hum ..and I would be...!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we also lit the fire on sunday night and I was glad to be corcheting my blanket because I was able to snuggle myslef under it while I worked! The weather is soooo unpredictable isn't it?!
Lovely views of Wensleydale in your last post Fi, well if you ignore the rain!

Alchamillamolly said...

Funny you should mention the pictures - when I looked back on my old posts I am sure that some of the pics have disappeared and I didn't delete them?? I put the heating on this am at 6.30 - my excuse was that I wanted to dry three bath towels on the towel rail but really I was cold downstairs whilst everyone else was snuggled in bed still! We have all just put our cardigans on a few minutes ago ( 1.15pm) in the office.

Carol said...

Your wood burner looks so good and very welcoming...the chilly evenings are all the better for a real fire.
I love your shamrocks very much.
Wonderful view!
Carol x

Unknown said...

It's been freezing down here in Sheffield, not surprised you wanted the woodburner on, it looks so cosy.

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

That was such a good question about blog photos and what people do with them. Mine are strewn all about picassa, but I think it was a good idea you mentioned about popping them all into one folder. That way if a picture should disappear from your blog you can retrieve it without too much trouble.

Also - am loving your blog. You are so talented and your pictures are just lovely.