Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lets pop to Kendal

Hello, would you like to join us for the ride to Kendal?
I'm afraid you've missed the first part of our journey as we are already at Sedbergh in Cumbria. You'll be able to see the bit you've missed on the return journey. The hills you can see are called The Howgills Fells.

I thought you might enjoy the scenery.

We're just popping out to do some shopping.

There's Kendal in the distance.

Now then, I'm not going to bore you with lots of pictures of town centre shops. I thought I'd just show you the most important one we'll be visiting today. It's the blue shop on the left called Reticule
Can you guess what they sell?

baskets of beautiful buttons

reels of ribbons

boxes of beads

floor to ceiling fabric

fun and festive.
Hmmmmm! Fabric fix!
That's it! That's enough shopping, lets go home.
Looks like we're heading for a spot of rain.

Maybe not.

Back through Sedbergh. The Yorkshire Dales ahead.

It may take us about an hour in any direction to get to a town but we've never had to sit in traffic!

This is the railway viaduct at Garsdale Head.

We're arriving at Appersett. The children do this 16 mile journey to school every day. It must be one the most scenic school runs in the country. I'm not sure they appreciate it though. One more mile to go.

Here we are back in our little village.
I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip.
Thank you for joining us.
Fi x

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hello my lovely ladies. I'm on Holiday at the moment so posting is a bit hit and miss as we're spending time backwards and forwards visiting relatives and trying to spend some time at home too.
I nearly forgot to take a photo of this heavily embroidered cloth. It's folded in half on my ironing board. (see, I do iron occasionally!) Anyway I thought I aught to take a piccy of it in one piece before I ...
Cut it up!
Snip, snip, snip!
And then I stitched it back up to make... can you guess?
Yes of course

You all know what it is

A huge clue

An even bigger clue.

Yep! You were all right.

Only this time it's a 50% BIGGER bunny!
(You wouldn't believe the button beeping that was going on in the library when I asked the lady behind the desk if she could increase my pattern by 30% and 50% on the photocopier for me! teehee! She must have had about ten attempts! Luckily she only charged me for correctly sized one!)
I'm thinking of making some EVEN BIGGER ones, that poor lady will hide behind the counter when she sees me coming again! lol!
And I'll leave you with a picture of some LUVERLY new ribbon from Milkchurn Cottage. Isn't it just delicious?
Very British!
'More tea Vicar!'

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Pretty new fabric

Hello ladies. Look at these scrummy fat quarters.

Aren't they pretty? I bought them from Karen at Milkchurn Cottage, I can hardly bare to unfold them as they look so lovely.

Well you would think 12 fat quarters in one go would be enough, but look I didn't even make it out of the shop and I'd picked up another couple of lovely fabrics! I'm sure she places the basket of fabrics directly in my path!

This is my latest 'cake', I was trying out different beads on the top to see which look best. I've found it very difficult to find big red beads that look like cherries to go on the top of the cake. Where ever I go I keep an eye out for bracelets and necklaces and ...well anything that might have big beads on it. I've searched the Internet to buy new beads but they are soooo expensive for the size I need. (about 18mm)

These beads are taken from 2 bracelets and I know they look nothing like red cherries but using a little bit of artistic licence, I think they are quite passable.

As long as it looks at first glance as if you could stick your finger in it, scoop up a big blob of creamy icing and lick it. Then I'm happy!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Come for the ride.

Hello all, I had to go to the dentist yesterday (knees knocking!) luckily our dentist now comes to our village once a week and takes up residence in the doctors surgery. This is fantastic as it saves us a two and a half hour round trip! On the way home (euphoric cos I didn't need any treatment!) I thought I'd take a photo of the bridge over the waterfall from the other side of the village.
Anyway as I meandered home it occurred to me that since you all enjoy seeing snapshots of the local area, that you might like to see a little more.

So today, after quickly hanging out the washing. We made our usual Saturday excursion to our nearest town. Well when I say town, I mean a bigger version of our village. Its about a 30minute drive away. If we need to shop for something like clothing or shoes then we have to travel for about an hour in any direction to get to a larger town like Darlington or Kendal. But the local town of Leyburn suits us on a Saturday for our regular recycling ritual, then a visit to the two charity shops and finish off with a bite of lunch in our favourite cafe. (Talk about life in the fast lane!)

So on the way home I thought I'd snap away every 5 minutes or so...

and share our beautiful journey.

It's at this point I realise the car windows are filthy...

so I'll apologise now for the quality. sorry!

We are on the A684 heading West through the Yorkshire Dales National Park

I wasn't sure I'd be able to use any of these photos as every time I clicked the shutter we seemed to lurch over the biggest bump in the road.

And it is one of the most winding roads, (the motorcyclists love it) This is the village of Bainbridge coming into view.

This is one of my favourite views. Coming home in winter it's stunning as the sun sets behind these hills, creating about 4 layers of varying misty hills in the distance. (I'll try and capture it one day for you )

As you can see the traffic is mostly non existent, even though it's midday Saturday in the school holidays.

OOO! Look! another car!

Nearly home now

Here we are...

Our main street is a bit narrow and...

cobbledy, windy

I was just taking a pic of the church as we drove past and the battery died in my camera.
Oh bum!
Well I suppose this is as good a place as any to end our journey.
I've a piccy of some lovely new fabric to show you next time and my latest 'cake'. I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt?
bye for now. Fi x