Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mini Felt Garden.

Teeny tiny, fuzzy, fluffy.

 threads and stitches.

 embroider and embellish.
write a greeting and post to someone you love.

Fi x

Monday, 11 March 2013

There and back on Mothers Day.

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in the UK. I hope all you Mums out there had a special day with your loved ones.
This is my little home made gift to my lovely Mum, a scissor keeper covered in silk ribbon embroidery and French knots.
All wrapped up in a little matching handmade box.
(She loved it)
I had a super day with wonderful man and my beautiful daughter, unfortunately there was one person missing, my son who is away at university.

 We popped out for lunch and I happily snapped away along the journey for you. This is the famous Ribblehead Viaduct. 
 We're driving through the Yorkshire Dales on our way to Kirkby Lonsdale just over the border in Lancashire.
 Little flurries of snow threatened us all day but luckily only settled on the hill tops.

 Not much in the way of traffic!

Lunch! Yummy. I can't share our bimble through the village as I was far too busy window shopping to take photos, sorry. And there are some seriously lovely shops in Kirkby Londsdale. 
The sun came out for our journey home, glorious!

 Back past the viaduct again.

I love this little house at the side of the road, every year a little more of it falls down.

not far now, the whole journey only takes about 45 minutes.

And today...
from the attic window, snow...

Yep it's snowed all day on and off, but I don't mind. I've just taken delivery of MY mothers day gift....15 balls of wool, WHOOHOO!
Thank you to my beautiful family, I had a wonderful day. x
Fi x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Dales in Felted Wool.

 Well hello there! Nice to see you again. Thank you for the lovely quilt comments you left on my last post :)
There has been a bit of wet felting going here recently, complimented as usual by a little machine and hand embroidery. I've tried to keep the embroidery to a minimum to let the wool take centre stage on these smaller pieces.
Inspired by the views from my attic window, Swaledale sheep,  gentle hills and the odd farmhouse. It's a good job I don't need inspiration today as it's thick fog outside, it looks as though Mother Nature has pulled a white sheet up over her head and is hiding away.
They are all worked to quite a small scale, about A4 size which means I can experiment a little as I don't usually do landscapes. They all differ slightly as I've changed the way I've used the wool in each one to see what works best.
It was nice to have something I could hold easily in my hand to embroider as usually I'm fighting with much larger pieces.
This last one is a little bigger as it is a commission piece destined for the USA complete with one black sheep and a thatched cottage. I hope the lady is question likes it, fingers crossed. 

Love Fi x