Sunday, 12 May 2013

Slim Jim

 This is the sofa in the kitchen, a fine place to dump all of my bags of Merino wool when I'm felting. I store them all in a large sack and when it comes to felting time I very unceremoniously up-end it and dump the contents on the sofa. Well it works for me and saves me grovelling about on the floor. 
 This wall hanging is a tall slim size, made to exhibit behind me at a designers and makers market recently. I didn't know how much wall space I would have, if any at all so this seemed a more reasonable size. It actually measures about 45cm x 75cm and is one of two. You may just spot a nosey hen through the kitchen door who shouldn't even be in the garden never mind sitting on my doorstep!

 And here is the finished article....TA-DAA! 
 As usual plenty of machine embroidery.
 pretty colours and happy shapes.
 and I can't resist adding a good dollop of wonderful, wiggly, Wensleydale tops and then following each undulating ringlety curl with the sewing machine.
Oh, and before I forget...
Thank you for the needle case love on my previous post. Mum was thrilled with it so all the last minute speed stitching was well worth it. In answer to your questions, yes the fabric was Liberty Tana Lawn and yes the tall flowers were made using ordinary French knots.

I'm very excited and can hardly wait to post again as next time I have something to show you that I'm very pleased with. I'm just waiting to see if the lady who commissioned it likes it too!

Till next time 
love Fi x 


Annie said...

Wow. That is truly stunning. Another beautiful work of art.
A x

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Your wallhanging is amazing, love the colours you've put together

Lyn said...

it is beautiful, well done!

alisonb2 said...

Your 'style' is lovely and free. Thank you.

Susan Smith said...

Lovely, once again. One day I might have time to try needlefelting or something like that.

Sue said...

Simply gorgeous, love the happy flowers and all the embellishments!

Twiglet said...

Beautiful - just the perfect thing to advertise your lovely work at a show. x Jo

Ash said...

Busy lady as always...lovely things, keep it up! :0)

Jess said...

This is gorgeous! Happy shapes and beautiful colours. :)I enjoyed having a peep inside your lovely home too!xx

Angie said...

With that hanging behind you you must have been overwhelmed with people at the market wanting to see more! Beautiful!
Angie x