Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Woolly Wanderings.

Hello all. Ahhhh, it is good to get back to my blog.
Blogging has been on hold recently as I've been a little bit poorly and then we've been away visiting relatives and friends for the weekend.
So catching up I thought you might like to see our village waterfall in all its Autumn glory,

and a sneaky peek at our garden visitors.
Sheep don't understand that they're not meant to be in the garden or the hen run and I suppose they wouldn't care even if they did understand!

I wasn't the only one to spot the errant sheep.

Cluck wasn't impressed at all with her uninvited guest. At one point the sheep actually got inside the hen house (along with a very upset hen) I'm afraid I wasn't quick enough with my camera for that one but I can tell you, there was an awful lot of clucking and squawking!
It did look funny though, a huge woolly bottom wedged in the doorway with a couple of brown wings flapping about on top of it!

We're getting about 3 eggs a day at the moment so we make sure we mark the date on the eggs as they are collected, but there is always someone who has to take it a bit further!
I took the lid off the egg bowl recently to find all these little faces looking up at me.

Woolly sheep are all very well but this is how I like to see my wool best... all soapy and wet.

Yes Karen this one will eventually be yours : )
(sorry it's taking so long)
Till next time
Fi x


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Poor chicken, sheep are so silly!!
Sorry you've not been too well, hope you're back to full health now.
Your felting looks great, beautiful colours. :)
Vivienne x

lynnie said...

glad you are feeling better..when we lived in glaisdale the tupp actually knocked down a side wall and brought hie harem in and th proceeded to eat all of the prize roses next door...we were all a little sheepish around the neigbours,,,lynnie

Helsie said...

Wow there seems to be more water than usual in the town waterfall. It is lovely. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place - the pick of England in my opinion.
More felting!!! I love your works of art. I've seen people doing it and it is quite a strenuous undertaking isn't it?

Goose Hill Farm said...

What a great post! I'm sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. I pray all is better now!

I love your sheep and hens. Are they Amberlinks? They look just like the ones I have.

Your work is BEAUTIFUL! Just amazing! And where you live is just stunning!


Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Fi, sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. Hope you are in tiptop condition now.
Love the new felt work, gorgeous colours.
I can imagine the commotion taking place with your woolly visitor, must've been a sight.
The waterfall is a picture as usual, hope you are enjoying Autumn. Blue skies and sunshine here.

Claire X

Teje said...

Hello! Thank you for a lovely moment with my morning coffee! I enjoy always animal stories and wonderful nature! Your new felting is adorable! I just got new wool for felting so thank you for inspiration!
Best wishes Teje

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the eggs! Snap - did you this awful cold? Glad you are feeling better now.
Julie xxxxxxx

Twiglet said...

That felt looks exciting! I think Wipso was up in your part of the world yesterday!!

crafty cat corner said...

Missed your blogs, glad to hear you are better now, there's nothing worse if you are a busy, busy person than to be feeling lousy.
I simply love the waterfall, we have nothing like that in the south here, lots of fields and trees and rivers but no waterfalls.
The felting is wonderful, I would love to try it but it looks pretty daunting. I have the roving in all colours but am a wimp about getting started.

Michelle Palmer said...

Your blog makes me smile~ do hope you're feeling better & better each day!
Wishing you all the best,

Serenata said...

Gorgeous felting, and lucky Karen.

Had to laugh at the sheep and chicken.

Glad you are feeling better, wonderful view of the waterfall.

Lululiz said...

The thought of that woolly bottom stuck in the hen house door had me in stitches. How very funny.
I adore your felted pieces and this one promises to be exquisite. Can't wait to see more of it.

potterjotter said...

Waterfalls in the Dales when its been raining a lot - wonderful memories of our stays there. Looking forward to seeing that finished piece on your blog.

topchelseagirl said...

That is a fantastic waterfall photo! Love the photos of the sheep too. x

The Weaver of Grass said...

That sheep looks vaguely familiar - but then they all look alike don't they? Came through Hawes yesterday - very wet.


Hi there, funny we both have put a photo of our waterfalls on our blogs,!! so funny the sheep in the hen house, when I lived up coverdale I had a sheep that came through our front door in to our dinning room, luckily it did not stay long!!!! glad to hear all,s well with you up the dale, hope fully i will get up to see you before Christmas, are you still buisy on Thursdays? love Linda x x

Lynne said...

Sorry you've not been well. I hope you are better now.
My blogging got put on hold over the summer and I still haven't caught up with it all yet.
I love your felt.
I once had a sheep in the house when we lived next to a farm. I was surprised at how powerful it was. I suppose it felt cornered. Not sure how it got in now, long time ago.

Sandi said...

So happy to read your post today, I do miss you, but understand, sorry to hear you have not been well, although happy you have been off visiting and crafting. Another amazing felt project on the go.
The sheep must have thought it looked so nice and welcoming, arn't chooks funny, they do get their feathers ruffled, as long as they don't go off the lay.
Waterfall is beautiful and I agree with 'Helsie're where you live.
Hugs Sandi xx

Linda said...

Waterfall looks lovely - you have really inspired me with your felting - I have posted a couple of attempts but find it really hard to keep everything in the place I want it at the start! HOpe you are feeling better now :0)

The Patchwork Heart said...

I have been in your beautiful town this week looking at that lovely water! We ate in Chaste and missed you and sadly were in Milkchurn Cottage on Thurs when you were off! Lovely to see your work there for sale, the most beautiful shop in The Dales!
Heather x

Lyn said...

It looks lovely Fi, the village, the eggs and the felt!

Annie said...

On my, where to start. I want that waterfall at my front door. Yes. Yes.

The sheep seemed to be having a nice time. Were you the lucky person to relocate her back to where she belonged.

Smiley eggs. Excellent taking that extra step and a sweet surprise for you.

And last - what is that you are making at the bottom of the post. Very pretty and going to a lucky someone I see.


Sparrow Primitives said...

What a lovely blog! I have just found you this morning :) We have sheep in a field behind us and one managed to climb up on to the stone wall and had a good munch on our climbing rose and elderflower tree :) I love the colours you are using in your felting. x