Sunday, 6 December 2009

To town and back

These photo's were taken last weekend on the one day that it didn't rain last month. Well it seemed that way here in North Yorkshire.
We're on our way to town, (when I say town; there is nothing like Boots or Next, just a butcher, chemist, bakers, Co Op, etc that kind of thing. More like a large village but it's the nearest we've got. It's about 17 miles away.) the sun is shining and life is good.
We enjoy making this journey most Saturdays. Simple pleasures.

In the middle of the speeding fuzz you just might make out the village of Askrigg, nestling in the middle of the valley.

Can you see the little hill in the distance?

This is my favourite hill.

I love the little group of trees on the top. I could be wrong but I think it's called 'Lady Hill', I'll have to ask Weaver of Grass, she might know or her husband, the Farmer.

The little village of West Witton. As you can see this is a long linear village.

This is the return journey later the same day. We're coming home on the 'back' road at the other side of the valley.
We like this road. It's especially useful in the summer when the main A road, is used by tourists and bikers. We get LOTS of bikers! They love the loooooong windy road that takes them from the A1 right across the country to the Lake District. Unfortuately the road doesn't always like them, but we won't dwell on that.
The village of Carperby.

The sunshine has certainly gone now.

Still beautiful, but a little more brooding.

Breathtaking scenery

between little stone villages. This one is Askrigg where parts of All Creatures Great and Small were filmed.

Almost home now. The only other vehicle on the road is the local Dales bus. This one had a maniac driver. We thought we'd tuck in behind him as the road from here gets narrow and windy. We thought we'd let him meet any oncoming traffic first since he was bigger than us. But... We couldn't keep up with him! I'm just glad I wasn't one of his passengers!

Hope you enjoyed a little winter wander in the Yorkshire Dales. Nice to get back home in front of the fire.
Till next time.
Fi x


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the trip to town and back...such lovely scenery. You are very blessed to live there.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Have a great week.


Sandy said...

I was wondering as I scrolled down if Yorkshire was where "All Creatures Great And Small" was filmed and then you said it was! I loved the books and the TV Series. Your countryside is just beautiful. So different from our countryside with all the hills and millions of trees here in PA.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Jennifer said...

Such a beautiful little trip to town and back. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sal said...

I really loved that trip!
Thank you ;-)

Annie said...

What lovely pictures, I have enjoyed sitting here with my morning cup of tea sharing your journey. I have now got to venture out in to streets jammed with traffic to get to work. How I envy you.
Ann x

Lululiz said...

It all looks so peaceful and serene at this time of the year, such a lovely part of the country.

Nile e Richard said...

Oi Rose,bom dia.
Vim te fazer uma visitinha.
As fotos são lindas,o lugar maravilhoso
Seu blog é muito bonito os trabalhos são lindos.
É o mês de confraternização Agradecimento pela vida
Bênçãos ao filho de DEUS
União, amor, reflexão!
O melhor presente
è a alegria do teu sorriso
O poder do teu amor
A sinceridade do teu carinho
Enfim a tua amizade.

Helsie said...

Last year we stayed in the cottage where the red car was parked in your photo of the main street of Askrigg. We had the most fantastic time exploring your beautiful area.
How lucky you are to live in such a place. We would love to return and stay longer, the people were so welcoming and friendly

devonaz said...

I always enjoy a trip to town with you,,thank you for sharing with us,,hope you had a great weekend..

Annalisa said...

Thanks for sharing this, it brings back memories of Scotland...even if it's miles away!
wonderful post!

Susan said...

We spent many summers near Leyburn, Askrigg, and along that part of Wensley is full of memories of small children and streams.

The OS map says the hill is Lady Hill too, we thought it was a tribute to Queen Victoria, but really have no idea why.

Thanks for the memories.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes - quite right Fiona - it is Lady Hill.
Also quite right that it is the farmer feeding the sheep in February 2009 - I took the photo, not a very good one because it was so dull, but I thought it gave a taste of a North Yorkshire winter.
I go into town every Saturday morning, it is astonishing that we never meet. We always have coffee in The Bolton Arms at 11am - pop in some time.

Susan said...

I've found some information on Lady Hill, but still no real idea on why that is it's name.

BT said...

I just loved that scenic drive and the villages. So beautiful and thank you for posting them.