Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dejavu or another walk.

You all seemed to enjoy yesterdays post, so... since the sun was shining and sneaky dog needed a walk, I thought we'd do it all again.

This time it was just around the block with the dog. Well it would have been around the block, only there is no block, I suppose it would be around the Creamery. Yes that's it, once around the Wensleydale Creamery. (For those who don't know, this is where the famous 'Wallace and Gromit' cheese is made.)

We've crossed the road and are now in the middle of the Creamery Field looking north towards the Fells that separate Wensleydale from Swaledale.

The wind is so strong, it's hard to keep the camera steady!

Through the squeeze gate and into the next field, sneaky dog is not happy...there are sheep in this field and she's having a panic. The sheep on the other hand think Sneaky dog is very interesting and move closer. I mentally re-name Sneaky dog, Panic pants! (maybe I should contact the owner and tell him that his sheep are worrying my dog!)

I peek over the stone wall into the graveyard. There are drifts of snowdrops under the trees. The red tulips mark the grave of our friend Rob.

Through another two squeeze gates (one of them as high above the ground as my waist and needing the agility of a goat) and we are back onto the stone path that leads to the church. Here on my right is the gate that leads into the graveyard.

But we're going straight ahead with the old graveyard on our left.

We stop and look out over the graves and the roof tops to the hills at the other side of the dale. (well I do...Panic pants isn't tall enough.)

Then it's through yet another gate onto Bealer Bank. We're heading back roughly south now.

After a little way I turn around to take a look back the way we've come at the church.

This is looking east down the dale, towards Burtersett. You saw this view yesterday, but doesn't it look better in the sunshine?

Through yet another squeeze gate, once again looking back at where we've been and the church in the distance. Panic pants is too fat for this one and automatically drops down and crawls through on her belly. It is funny to watch!

Not far to go now, the large building in the centre of the picture is Gayle Mill. It reopened last Easter as a museum and working wood mill.

Through two more gates and out onto Gayle Lane.

And here is the entrance to the Wensleydale Creamery Visitor Centre. Across the road and a short walk takes us ...

to our back door.

And to complete the dejavu... another little pre blog project inspired by Gilda Barons beautiful embroideries.

Well the whole walk took no more than about 2o minutes, and we both look rather windswept. My fingers are nearly numb, but I don't care. I'm soooo lucky to live here, it's only right that I get out there and appreciate it... what ever the weather.


flutterbypatch said...

Wonderful walk, your weather's been better than ours in Cumbria that's for sure. Lovely to see Gayle Mill is reopened. We visited it when it was part of the 'Restoration' TV prog several years ago. Love the embroidery and the previous one you posted. I have the same book as you and have done a similar picture (in my blog sidebar) but your background colours are much more vibrant. Can I ask what dyes you use.

Shabby Chick said...

That was lovely, it all looks gorgeous in the sunshine too! I really like your preblog project, it's fab.

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Wonderful!!! Wish I lived there!! Lots more sunny days to come!
Your new project is gorgeous, you certainly have a way with colours!!

Happy crafting : )

Sharon xx

Simone said...

You really do live in a beautiful place. The pre blog project is a work of art and I would proudly display it if I had done it!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a wonder block you live in.... I wish our block was as beautiful, mind you I have arranged for the children to go to mums this weekend so that Mr P and I can spend some much needed time together... I think we may walk cross country to the next village for a drink in the pub...
Hows the shop coming along? I had a look on your blog for a link to it but I didn't notice one... mind you I am prone to overlooking things!
Beautiful pre-blog projects, I love the texture and colours...

X Alex

Take care

Karen said...

Hi Fi, Thats a lovely walk you lucky girl. Gayle Mill was one of our favourite buildings on Restoration so delighted to see its been finished. Cold and grey in Sussex but expecting some knitting books from Amazon so am very happy.Karenx

lou said...

Hi Fi, can I come and live with you the views are breath taking!
And yet again a beautiful project!
Yes I did get some beads, not many as I got loads last time I went in the shop; they are on my post I’ve just done.
Enjoy the rest of the week…love Lou xxx

maggi said...

Thanks for sharing your walks. The Gilda Baron inspired pieces are great.

Tillybud said...

Phew - I feel quite tired out after all that. Beautiful place.

Rosesposes said...

so beautifull and oh so scenic, you are so lucky. I want to come to yorkshire now!
can you send me your email as I am changing my blog to private and I want to add you, so you can visit me still. Only I will see your email as I approve comments so it wont be visible. It will be safe x Dom

Aqeela said...

What lovely surroundings you have, you are very blessed. I am surrounded by factories, take-aways, and litter! But if i just stay inside by little home then im surrounded by blankets, books, flowers and happiness, so maybe i am blessed too.

Aqeela xx

Sumea said...

Ooh Thankyou
I so enjoyed that walk
Very refreshing
and such Beautiful countryside

Regina said...

What a wonderful walk. I think you
live in a really nice country.
And your granny looks nice.

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Dom at RosesPoses.
Couldn't find anywhere to leave my email address, so here it is-

Love your blog wallpaper!

Lynne said...

Just found your blog and I've been particularly interested by the trips around Hawes The Yorshire Dales is my husbands favourite place in the whole wide world. We've spent many happy hours in the Dales. We had a caravan parked near Hawes for a few years and in 2007 lived in it for a couple of months. Lovely place.

BT said...

What a lovely walk. If you have time to look at my blog, there are loads of photos of my woodland walks with my crazy dog Buster. I live in Ireland at the moment in a beautifully hilly part of County Clare, near a lake. My Mother was born in Halifax and her parents lived in Keighley for years. I used to love going there for holidays.

My husband comes from Wakefield so I've been all round the area there too and I used to travel to Yorkshire a lot to do theatre in education. Gorgeous photos.

Sara said...

Greetings from Southern California...I sort of stumbled upon your blog going from one to another. I so enjoyed this walk around your part of the world! Thank you for taking us along.

Your little embroidered bunnies are just lovely.

teakai said...

Such a lovely walk!!

Those squeeze gates a really interesting - what were they made like that for? I've never seen nor heard of them before.