Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Felt Tutorial

Felt making today. Ooo. Look at all this woolly goodness.

Go on, dive in!

So soft and silky.
Gently pull out wispy fibres
and lay them out like tiles on a roof. All in the same direction, slightly overlapping.

Then do exactly the same but lay the fibres at right angles to the first layer. Continue in the same manner for three layers.

Now the fun part; experiment and create your pattern.

Stand back and look at the mess you've made!

When you're happy with your design, lay a piece of old net curtain over the top to keep the felt in place.

Damp it all over with hot soapy water. You can use soap flakes, a bar of soap, or even washing up liquid. Now roll it all up, I have a couple of bamboo table mats, that I snaffled up from the charity shop rolled in the centre for a little more friction. Get rolling, back and forth.

After a couple of minutes of vigorous rolling I stop and peel back the net curtain to make sure everything is still in place, (and because I can't wait to see what it looks like)

Note the size of the felt is still the same as the bubble wrap beneath.

Also note wonderful man making tea, so that I don't have to knock off.

Now much more rolling is needed, or you can rub the felt with a scrunched up plastic bag, or better still and my favourite, repeatedly throw the piece of felt violently down onto the worktop. Go on really mistreat it.

When completely felted, it will have shrunk by about a third or more and feel firm and sturdy. Now just leave it to dry and...

have another go!

These two pieces of felt were made from Merino wool which I buy online from Wingham Wools

Tomorrow I'll show you some more felt, but with difference. See ya then. x


P.S. Couldn't leave you without wishing you all a happy halloween and showing you a little trick I learned from a my friend Kate.

I like to create my own little 'treats', I'd love to see their little faces when they get home and open these large sweets. Tee Hee!

Happy Halloween!


Mrs J said...

These look fantastic Fiona! I've only really got into felt making in the last year or so, inspired and expertly tutored by Lesley of course, but I have only ever been brave enough to make simple block coloured large pieces or very small patterned samples! Looking at yours I might just have to go for it and get busy, after a visit to Wingham wools first! They're beautiful pieces. What are you going to do with these?
On another note have you had any luck with this month's challenge?
Sarah x

Sadie said...

absolutely fantastic, I love your felt. Thank you for the tut, it's something I've never tried before, but I think I might like to give it a go. The floral one is just beautiful. I must bookmark the wool site.

I've been In Discussion with Hubby about getting a sewing machine possibly next year. I'm not a massive machine fan, because whenever I've used them in the past I've got into a right old mess. But, I feel the need to try other things other than making felt roses and whatnots, so we'll see. It could be fun.

HOpe you had a good Halloween. I carved a couple of pumpkins for my little girl (much swearing with the smallest one, I thought it was made of concrete!) , will probably show photos next week sometime.

Well, have a lovely weekend.
Sadie x

Around the hook said...

Hi! I am flickering threw your blog for the first time! Its lovely!

And I Love, love, love this felt tutorial, I've waited for one since a year or so that I could fully understand!

I just have one (and a half) question: 1) when you start again with the misstreating, do you soap it up again?
1/2) the misstreating has to be done whilst keeping the felt flat on the backside or can you kind of bash it around as you want?



leftbynature01@gmail.com said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Can you share with me how you finish to make a wall hanging? I am going to try this - it's too lovely not to try! I just can't figure out how to finish and hang. Thank you so much for sharing your work and your knowledge.