Sunday, 20 April 2008

Felt Making Day

Today I was up early, 7.30ish, which is unheard of on a Sunday in our house hold! I decided today was to be a TOTAL craft day, nothing else was to interfere with my crafting today, as I have to get a move on and replenish my stocks for the Fatsheep. ............So after feeding manky cat and sneaky dog, emptying the washing machine and tumble drier, feeding manky cat more, refilling the washing machine and hanging out washing to dry, folding the stuff from the tumble drier, feeding manky cat again, making wonderful man a cup of tea in bed, hanging out second load of washing, refilling washing machine again, getting a joint of meat ready for the oven...I eventually started my TOTAL uninterfered with, day of crafting!!! The photos are courtesy of child number 2 as I was rather wet and soapy for most of the time. I actually only managed two pieces of felt today, but they were quite large, as I hope to make them both into bags to sell at the afore mentioned Fatsheep shop. This is the first piece, being rubbed with hot water and soap.

Then there was a bit of rolling, back and forth.
Then there was my favourite part, a bit of throwing down against the worktop rather violently! I don't know why this works, but it gives a rather pleasing texture to the felt. It also splatters soap suds up your walls and over the floor, but hey ho! You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, as my wonderful man says, usually when he's making a mess!
Here is my second piece of felt laid out ready for the soapy water and a beating! Not sure about this piece, I tried working out of my comfort zone, as they say. I usually prefer more realistic garden colours like my first piece.
Sneaky dog decided she was best off keeping well out of the way. She has an aversion to soap and water, of which there was far too much flying about, so she took to her bed for most of the day.
Anyway here are both finished pieces of felt, when I say finished I mean they are now ready for me to embellish (I love that word!), embellish with ribbon, embroidery, lace, buttons, and anything else that takes my fancy. You'll notice the pink felt is darker than the 'before' photo, that's because I added a piece of vintage netty black lace over the surface before I began felting it.

I'll post pics of the felt made into bags, as and when it happens. For now here are photos of other projects on the go at the mo. Here are some more of my tiny embroidered teddies, just awaiting faces!

And you remember my tidy attic studio? Well now we are all good friends, I feel it's OK for you to see it how it really is when I have a project on the go. This is a bag I'm making for a friends seven year old granddaughter.

Got to go now, I need to make a birthday card for a lovely friend and there is ironing to be done ready for school tomorrow! Till next time, Fi x


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Fi, how great to have a crafting Sunday - well eventually. Your handmade felt pieces are amazing, well done on the sales, all your things are lovely.
Have a good week,
Lucy x

Sal said...

I really enjoyed reading all that!
Your felt is fab!
I also love the name Bethan !

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Fi, great to meet a neighbour! We are on the north york moors, just outside Whitby. I know the area well and it was great to read your blog. Your work is wonderful and the next time we head towards Hawes on the motorbike I will check out this shop.

Katherines Dream said...

Well that was a great post..I have wondered how it was done and you have demonstrated it so well.
I love you crotchet bunny -do you sell them...have a bit of thing for bunnies at the moment!!
Carol x